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Southeastern Punctuality figures, etc.

September 4th 2012

It strikes me that these figures are probably distorted by (a) the Olympic timetable and (b) the continued inclusion of HS1 in the figures.  What we really need is figures for the “classic” services only.  In this context one would expect the summer holiday (reduced demand) and better weather to generate reasonable punctuality.  I am not convinced that there is any underlying improvement in performance.
The approach taken by the new Minister of State for rail (Theresa Villiers has been promoted to Secretary of State for Northern Ireland and at the time of writing we are awaiting the appointment of her successor) will be of crucial importance in terms of approach to rail fares, investment in the upgrading of the “High Speed” line between Ashford and London and, of course, the Mayor of London`s desire to include the London Suburban services under the umbrella of Transport for London.
It is particularly important to East Kent that the new Minister of State picks up the diary commitment to visit in November and to view both the Ashford/Thanet Parkway/Ramsgate situation and, with the Aviation brief as part of the portfolio, the Rail relationship with Manston Airport.

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