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COP 26

November 14th 2021

We have once again fallen far short of the commitments needed to protect our planet, our environment and our habitats from the destruction of man made climate change. In so doing we have failed not only our children and our grandchildren but our endangered terrestrial and marine wildlife.

Alok Sharma, the President of COP 26, has played a weak hand as well as possible but the real winners from COP 26 are the coal and oil producing communities of some of the wealthiest countries in the World who have been allowed to dilute the agreements and to kick the can down the road for another wasted vital year.

I believe that we have to re-examine our trading relationship’s with China, India and indeed Australia in the light of the last-minute decision to water down the proposal to phase out coal. This is a lamentable missed opportunity for which our World will pay a high price in the future.

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