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Stone Hill Park - An Apology

February 5th 2021

On 15th February I participated in a radio interview with BBC Radio Kent about the use of costs of Manston airport as a lorry park. In response to a question about the Government`s payment for these services I indicated that the owners of the airport were not receiving payment and that the monies paid were due to Stone Hill Park under the agreement of sale between SHP and the current owners, RiverOak Strategic Partnership.

Having subsequently seen the Department for Transport`s response to a Freedom of Information request it is clear that the figures quoted, £8.5 Million to the owner and £2 million to the operator, relate not as I had supposed to the totality of fees paid between 2015 and the present day but to a new contract commencing from 1st January 2020.

I was therefore incorrect in saying that the fees were being paid not to RSP but to SHP and for that error I have unreservedly apologised.

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