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July 18th 2018

'Full implementation of cancer strategy key to improving lives’


Sir Roger Gale MP showed his support for the All Party Parliamentary Group on Cancer (APPGC) by attending their summer reception on Tuesday 17 July. The event provided an opportunity to recognise and celebrate the Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) which have most improved their one-year cancer survival rates and reflect on the progress towards delivering the Cancer Strategy for England by 2020.

Latest figures from NHS England show that one-year cancer survival rates continue to grow across the country, increasing from 61.2% for patients diagnosed in 2000 to 72.3% in 2015 - up slightly from 71.6% in 2014 – and while this is welcomed by many, England is still behind comparable international rates and European neighbours. 

Macmillan’s research has shown by 2020 nearly one in two will receive a cancer diagnosis during their lifetime; however, cancer survival rates in the UK are still among the worst in Europe because many people are diagnosed too late when their cancer is advanced. Sir Roger Gale MP and the APPGC believe that quicker change needs to happen now so people can live better and fuller lives after diagnosis.

The APPGC has continuously campaigned to ensure NHS England achieve the outcome clearly set out in the Cancer Strategy – that one-year survival reaches 75% by 2020 for all cancer combined – and have pressed NHS England and the Government for assurances all 92 recommendations will be met by 2020. Sir Roger Gale MP supports the APPGC Cancer’s ambition to improve one-year survival rates and pledges to support the Groups work over the course of the next parliament.

Speaking at the event Sir Roger Gale MP said:

“I look forward to working hard for the needs of my constituents at Westminster, ensuring more people not only survive cancer, but are able to live better lives after a diagnosis. 

“Early diagnosis is crucial and while I’m pleased to see survival rates increased in Thanet CCG and  Canterbury and Coastal CCG by 0.8% and 1.1% respectively it’s clear that more needs to be done to ensure people with cancer are being diagnosed early. We know living longer does not necessarily mean living well so we need all recommendations of the Cancer Strategy implemented if we want people with cancer to be able to live life as fully as they can.

“Last December’s APPGC report provided stark warnings that there is still some distance to travel, but full implementation is key in improving the lives of people with cancer across the UK. We now need cast-iron guarantees from NHS England that the Cancer Strategy is on track and I look forward to working with the APPGC and colleagues in ensuring these promises are kept.”

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